High Water Pressure in Your House

12 Mar. 20

Consequences of Having High Water Pressure in Your House

No one knows what the water pressure of their house is. People are not even concerned about it. People tend to not pay attention to the small problems of plumbing caused by water pressure. Many small problems are caused by water pressure, and people are not even aware of. They neglect and pay high costs when the problem grows and creates more damage. You can resolve such small problems all by yourself with the right tools, but if you don’t know how to deal with plumbing, then you can call for our services. Here we state the problems caused by high water pressure that you should pay attention to.

Pipe Leakages

With normal water pressure, i.e. 60 psi, the leakage in pipes is a rare case and is mostly caused because of the age of pipes. Whereas in high water pressure, i.e. 80 psi and above, a large amount of water is collected in a pipe which is overfilled. So first, it begins with a pinhole size of leakage, which is even unable to trace. But the leakage can later lead to huge pipe burst and can cause flood and huge damage. You should keep your house’s water pressure to normal to save yourself from such damage.

High Water Bills

High water pressure can also lead to high water bills, as with the water pressure, the number of water units flowing through the pipes also increases. Plumbers at our company suggest using normal water pressure, i.e. around 60 psi. Some houses have water pressure around 80 psi, or above, it will eventually increase the water bill. So keep a moderate water pressure and don’t end up paying extra dollars every year.

Appliance Failure

A lot of home appliances are connected directly with the main water supply like washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, refrigerator and even water filters like reverse osmosis filters. The high water pressure can fail the pressure regulator of appliances, and it can damage the other essential components which handle the water. High water pressure can damage your appliances even before they have completed their lifespan, so keep normal water pressure.

Loud Noises

When your house has high water pressure, you will tend to hear a loud thud or banging noise when you turn off the water. This noise comes because the water stops suddenly and looks for the way to go somewhere. When the water is stopped at a place, it builds up the pressure and puts it on the wall of plumbing pipes, and it leads to the leakages.

High water pressure is neither good for your plumbing nor for your pockets. Keeping normal water pressure will save you money and sustain your plumbing system. For any plumbing service at your house, you can rely on our best services.