Drain Clearing

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Professional Drain Clearing Services in Ottawa, ON

Every time you rinse or wash a dish in your sink, food particles can go down the drain and end up stuck to the walls of the drain pipe. The layers turn into a slow draining murky mess in the sink after countless applications.

Your slow or non-functioning pipes can become free-flowing once again when a plumber uses the latest in drain clearing technology. The clearing not only unblocks the pipes, but it also cleans the pipe walls, gets rid of the foul smell, and stops clogs from happening again. There is no reason for putting up with slow-running drains anywhere in your home. An experienced plumber will return your pipes to full functionality, almost like new.

How is professional drain clearing different from commercial drain cleaners?

Clogs can create havoc if left alone in pipes and drains for too long, beyond just smelling bad and leaving a mess. As there is nowhere for water in these pipes to go, they can form leaks, damaging walls, floors, and other fixtures in the home. Leaks can result in the development of molds while also attracting pests to the area.

Once spotted, drainage clogs should be swiftly eliminated to avoid extensive harm. It can be tempting for a homeowner to fix the problem himself by using a bottle of store-bought drain cleaner.

A cleaner that is bought from a store won’t help at times to be able to solve the clogged drain. Such cleaners are often only a temporary solution to a drain problem, and the homeowner suffers the same form of clogging within a couple of months. It’s not uncommon for a store-bought drain cleaner to loosen a clog just enough so that it slides farther into the pipe and creates a blockage that’s even more difficult to access and clear. It simply just pushes it down instead of removing the debris.

The problem won’t likely happen again soon after it has been through a professional drain clearing. Most plumbers today use only drain clearing methods that are environmentally safe because they don’t involve the use of toxic chemicals.

Professionals possess many tools that aid them in resolving any drain problem. They may also use a drain camera so that they can pinpoint the exact location of the issue and clear it accordingly. When the drain has been cleaned, you will have seemingly new pipes.

How does hydro jetting work?

“Hydro-jetting” can be used in place of harsh or harmful chemicals to free a drain from debris. “Hydro-jetting” is a process that uses a jet stream of high-pressure water to clear clogs and clean the inner walls of pipe drains.

The process that they do maybe disorganized momentarily but it will return to order after they are done with it. Hydro-jetting does such a good job of clearing a pipe that homeowners need not be concerned about another clog anytime soon. Drainage pipes will remain clear for a long time, helping homeowners to avoid the ever-increasing cost of drain cleaners.

Hydo-jetting only employs the use of water, so it is a safe method for the environment. This can also be used to remove materials from the sewer lines that have clogged it. Using a hydro jet eliminates the need to cut a sewer line open to clear it, making cleanup quick and easy.

What if the disposal is the problem?

There are times when the kitchen drain is working well but the problem lies with the disposal. Garbage disposals can become jammed by large food debris or other items that fall in, like eating utensils. There are times when a homeowner can clear this jam himself or herself, but at other times this requires the help of a professional.

An experienced professional can determine what’s wrong with your garbage disposal and let you know whether repairing it is feasible. If the technician deems that it is beyond repair already then he will give you information on the choices that you have now for a new garbage disposal system. Ideally, you’ll choose a garbage disposal that comes with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.