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04 Feb. 20

5 Signs You Need to Call a Plumber

Today, homeowners try to take things in their hands and experiment with several DIY projects. But there are instances when you cannot overlook the importance of relying on the professionals. The same is the case with some plumbing issues that require the attention of licensed plumbers only. Here are some signs you must call plumbers and avoid handling things on your own.

1) Several Slow Drains

Does water log in your bathroom when you take a shower and in your kitchen sink while washing utensils? If you notice several slow draining instances in your house, it can be due to a serious clog down under. From children’s toys to food waste and even small rodents, anything could be stuck in your pipes and you won’t know just by looking down your dark drain.

2) No Water At All

Nothing can be more horrific than not getting even trickles of water when you open any faucet in your house. Frozen pipes, major leaks, backups, problems with the water main and more can cause you to lose water. You should call a plumber quickly because either the water was turned off or the water that should be going into your home is leaking somewhere else. 

3) Low Water Pressure

When it is a faucet in one bathroom, it could be something as simple as a clogged aerator, and it can be solved by cleaning the aerator. But if you have low water pressure in every plumbing fixture in every part of your house, it can be a major concern. Call a plumber to look at the internal workings of your plumbing and identify the problem.

4) No Hot Water

In this chilly weather, you cannot afford to have this issue. Your water heater may fail to provide hot water due to several reasons like fuel issues, anode depletion, sediments in the tank, etc. Avoid looking into the matter on your own, and call your plumber immediately. DO NOT take chances with the water heater; it can get dangerous!

5) Smelly House

Does your home smell like sewage all the time? Sometimes, a backup or clog can create a smell that permeates through your home and makes it unbearable to stay in your space. Problems in the drain such as clogs and poor drain ventilation can lead to waste backup and even flooding of the low-lying areas of your house. Avoid this problem, and call your plumber at the earliest.

Apart from these, of you face any other plumbing issues, turn to the professionals first rather than trying to solve them on your own. We are based in Fraser Valley and provide complete plumbing assistance. Experienced plumbing service will be available to you whenever required.