Ruin Your Home Drain

09 May. 20

4 Things That Can Ruin Your Home Drain

Homes are highly dependent on the plumbing and drainage system lying under the floors and inside the walls. Still, people don’t take proper care of the drainage system until there’s a huge plumbing issue in front of them. A wise homeowner is the one who takes regular care of the plumbing and drainage system in order to avert any major plumbing woes. Doing so will save you time and money that gets wasted when you have to repair major breakdowns. And to take good care of the system, you need to know what can possibly make things worse.

1) Not Knowing the Pipe Material

Many homeowners don’t know the material used in their drainage system. Not knowing the material used in the drainage system means you don’t know what is safe and what is not safe for your pipes. Every material has a different need, and not taking good care as per the material can lead to issues. So next time if a plumber visits your home, ask them the material of your pipe and also ask them about what your pipe needs. Accordingly, you can take the right steps to maintain your home plumbing pipes.

2) Flushing down Anything in the Toilet

Many people have the habit of flushing down items in the toilet that are not supposed to be flushed. Items like sanitary products, wipes, medicines, diapers, hairs, chewing gums, cigarette butts, and tissues should not be flushed in the toilet. You have a dust bin in your home, so throw them in it. These items don’t dissolve in water and could remain in the pipes, thus clogging your drainage system. Onwards now, make sure you don’t flush these items in the toilet.

3) Poor Installation of Pipes

People sometimes choose to install, fix, or replace the pipes themselves. They opt for such an option to save money and time. This can be a money-saving technique in the beginning, but the do-it-yourself solution may not give you a satisfying output for too long. You may install the pipes poorly, which can develop problems like blockages or lose connections. The better thing to do is call a professional plumber to install, fix, or replace the pipes.

4) Use of Corrosive Chemicals

When people witness a slow-moving drain or a clog in the toilet, they intend to buy a drain cleaner from the store instead of calling a plumber for the fixture. The chemicals in the drain cleaners are very strong and harmful to the drainage system. These chemicals are corrosive and can corrode the system or break them down eventually. So always prefer calling a plumber, and don’t use strong store-bought cleaners.

If you don’t take proper measures to safeguard your home’s drainage system, you should be ready to face the consequences. Taking precautions at the early stage is better than panicking during an incident. For any plumbing problem, installation or fixture in Ottawa, you can get in touch with our professionals.