Basement Flooding

04 Mar. 20

How to Avoid Basement Flooding?

A flood causes damage and makes the owner spend more on restoring the damages. To save yourself from the havoc of floods, you should know what causes the flood in the basement. Washing machines and water heater tanks are usually installed in the basement in some homes, which means that any malfunction with the machines can lead to waterflood. Overflow of water in gutters and cracks in the foundation can also lead to basement flooding. And you would have to pay high costs and call in the plumbers for repairs. So here are some tips that can help you to prevent flood in your basement.

Maintain Your Gutters and Downspouts

It is critical maintaining your gutter and downspouts to make the excess water flow free from your home. Without proper gutter and downspouts, the water would pool up against your home. And there are chances that the water would flow backwards and flood your basement. The gutter and downspouts should be free of any debris. Ensure that the downspouts are directing water three feet apart from your home.

Landscape Your Yard

The landscape of a property can also lead your basement to flood. You will have to check the sloping of your yard. If the slope of the yard is directed towards your house, then probably the water will come down to your house and eventually find a way in. So you may need to reshape your landscape to avoid the basement from flooding.

Repair Your Foundations

There can be several cracks in the home’s foundation, and the cracks can be unable to find. You can inspect your home and find such crack or holes in the wall or floor of your basement. These cracks can lead the water to enter the basement. You can fill such cracks with epoxy, but if the leaking doesn’t stop, you can call in professionals for repairs.

Maintain Your Sump Pump

The houses that have a sump pump installed are safe from mold, water damage and flooding in the basement. Your duty doesn’t end by just installing a sump pump. To make it work appropriately all the time, you will also have to maintain it. Keep a check on your sump pump, or you can call our plumbers to check it. Install a generator, so the sump pump works even if there is a power outage during a storm.

Inspect Your Sewer and Septic System

You can’t skip the inspection of your home sewer system and septic tanks, as it will surely cause flood and damage in your home. The system needs to be free from any clog, backups or overflows. These problems are significant enough to cause a flood in the basement.

Following these tips will eventually save your house basement from the flood. No one wants to spend high costs on home repairs. You can call our plumbers for any issue. We have one of the best services in Fraser Valley.