Drain Cleaning/ Unclogging & Camera work

We Offer Drain Cleaning

The public drainage system in our nation is well-developed; however, it isn’t confined to just our nation. The camera is fixed on a fibre-optic rod and inserted into a public pipe structure connecting houses to the street pipes underground. The video camera needs to be waterproof and enabled to take live shoots when the technician treating the public pipe visits the area and takes charge of the bad sewage line. Clogged drains or pipe damages are shot in realtime. Our customers request this mechanism for their residential properties too.

When you lose any valuables down the drain, you would need advanced services rendered by us. Our qualified and licensed plumbers will then visit your home and inspect the plumbing system by using a camera down the large pipes, waste matter or wastewater disposal system. They may have to dislodge your commode and search deep down. We will get a close-up view through the sewer line of your house attached to your municipal sewer line and retrieve the lost valuables. Similarly, before living in a house bought from a former homeowner, the pipes in the house sewer system, have to be inspected for any repairs and maintenance.

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