Pressure Problems

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There’s a component in most houses which many do not know what it is or what it does; it’s called your PRV. It should be located directly Upstream of your main shut off. Your PRV or “pressure reducing valve” is the component that protects your house piping from the surges and higher pressure that come from the city. Especially homes with older piping are vulnerable to two bursts or leaks if the pressure inside a home gets too high. While this is a very important component, it is not usually noticed because it does not need a lot of maintenance, however depending on the quality of the valve they may need to be checked or replaced after about ten years or so. If your PRV is not working properly it can allow excess pressure into the home.

Signs You Need Attention

Takes too much time to heat water.
Water isn’t hot enough
Outdated model
Leaks from the system
Noise while in use
Heating Professionals

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