Home Drainage System

18 Jun. 20

Signs You Have Tree Roots in the Main Drain

Trees are undoubtedly a wonderful addition to your home’s backyard or the landscape around you. However, who would’ve thought that these sheltering trees have the ability to topple your home drainage system upside down? Tree roots can invade your home drainage system creating great havoc such as bad odours, disturbing noises, and more from the drains. Such poor drainage can also affect your health and the environment.

As difficult as it might be to deal with tree root invasion in home drainage systems, it’s far easier to detect them. All you need to do is, pay attention to the following warning signs.

Visible Sinkholes in the Yard

One of the most accurate ways to detect root invasion in your home drainage system is visible sinkholes. When the water in your plumbing is obstructed because of damage caused by the roots, water from the pipes start to leak. Such leakage shows up on your lawn as it creates soft patches on the lawn-ground and the soil starts to sink in, creating sinkholes in the ground. This is the biggest warning sign that the tree roots have grown through your home drainage system. 

That’s the time you should call a plumbing service like Pentech Plumbing in Calgary that can cater to your immediate needs without any delay.

Unpleasant Odour From the Drains

If the roots of the trees have gotten into your home drainage system and have successfully obstructed the sewer lines as well, it can give rise to unpleasant odours. Such odours may fill up your entire home with foul smells since your plumbing has been clogged. In the rise of such a situation, it’s time you realize that your home drainage system has been severely damaged.

Slowly Emptying Drains

When you flush the toilet or turn on the sink or shower, do you see that the water is taking longer than ever to drain? This is an absolute warning sign that your drainage system has been majorly compromised by the roots of the trees. Along with such slow drainage, if the water draining also causes loud gurgling noises, it’s a sure sign of the roots obstructing the water path. There are chances that this might be a mere clogging problem, but it’s best to appoint a plumbing service in Calgary to tend to your needs at the earliest.

Water Backups in Toilets and Sinks

When water backups in toilets become a constant worry and even the best methods like plumbing snakes do not remedy your problem, you need to seek professional help. Such incessant clogging of the toilet may be signalling towards a root problem like tree root invasion in your home drainage system. This tree root growth inside the pipes, if not treated immediately, may cause a filthy flood in your home.

Do you stay in Ottawa and see these warning signs? If so, make sure you get in touch with Pentech Plumbing and save yourself from bearing the consequences of such severe plumbing problems.