Bathroom Renovation

17 Feb. 20

Six Signs Your Bathroom Needs Renovation

If your bathroom layout isn’t great, then you are essentially waking up to disappointment every morning. Don’t let this be the case. Shabby, smelly and congested bathrooms – all can ruin your day. To ensure that your toilet is as clean as your shiny new car, you need to renovate it when the time is right. And although the cost of bathroom renovations can be high, they are totally worth it. Here are some of the signs it’s time for that.

1) Messy Layout

If your door is hitting the sink or commode every time you open the door, or if your head touches the showerhead while taking a shower, you should consider a bathroom renovation. The messy layout can be annoying as every time you enter, you have to struggle to get to your desired destination. This only gets worse when there’s an emergency.

2) Lack of Storage Space

Storage space is essential. Your toothbrush should be sitting with the toothpaste, not chilling in the sink with the handwash. Similarly, your extra toilet paper rolls should be stacked nicely in a drawer. If this is not the case, you need to invest in some storage space. This not only makes your bathroom look tidy when you have someone over but it is also healthier – improving your bathroom experience by a great extent.

3) Plumbing Issues

Another sign for bathroom renovations lies in the condition of your plumbing. You can’t always blame the ghosts for growling noises in the night; it can also be bad plumbing that is trying to scare you. And more importantly, it is not worth the risk to have your toilet clogged up (it will stink up the entire neighbourhood). This, added with various leaks that occur with old piping, can ruin your bathroom experience. Hence, it is a good idea to have nice, shiny, well-maintained plumbing.

4) Mould and Moss

Bathrooms are high-humidity areas with a ton of moisture which leads to the development of bacteria and fungi, and in turn, mould and moss. This not only ruins the entire aesthetics of the bathroom but can also lead to some nasty infections and diseases. Consider a renovation if you spot moss enjoying your shower with you.

5) Lighting

Bathrooms are supposed to look comforting, and not like a horror dungeon. Hence, lighting is essential. Also, it makes the bathroom scary to use at night. It is time for a renovation if you think your bathroom can be as lit as your shower-music.

6) Dated Looks

Sometimes, the bathrooms work fine, the toothbrush is in the right place, the pipes are not trying to scare you, and the door opens and shuts properly. But the issue arises when the looks of your bathroom don’t match up to it. It is always a good idea to renovate your bathroom to make it look good, modern and sophisticated.

Now, if you spot any of these signs in your bathroom, you should consider bathroom renovation. This will vastly improve your experience, and make your bathroom safer to use. It is recommended that you take help from professionals when it comes to bathroom renovations. Contact us now!