Slab Repair

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Professional Slab Repair in Ottawa, ON

Slab leaks are tricky to get noticed but very important to fix as soon as identified. Common signs that you are dealing with a slab leak include high water bills, low water pressure, problems with mold, or excess water in the home’s foundation. A slab repair technician will fix the leak easily and efficiently, no matter where it comes from.

There are many locations where the slab leak can be found and without specialized tools, it can be difficult to know the exact location of it. A professional can swiftly diagnose the origin of the leakage and suggest a solution before your household is even more endangered.

What is involved with slab repair?

A number of different factors are involved in the leakage in slabs. The kind of slab repairment depends on the kind of leakage. Some of the factors that lead to slab leaks are soil corrosion on copper pipes, improper installation of water pipes, incidental damage from building or remodeling, and ground/foundation moving.

When copper pipes are in contact with soil over a long period of time, there can be a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction corrodes the pipes, which can eventually lead to a leak. Soil isn’t the only component homeowners need to stress over, in any case. Underground pipes expand and contract with temperature changes or shift positions and can be damaged by gravel, rocks, or concrete.

The abrasions that are in the ground can be the cause of the formation of leaks. The ground shifting can increase the risk of abrasions and damage the pipes under the foundation.

It’s not only environmental influences that can risk the integrity of your pipes. Poor installation or construction damage could have doomed your pipes from the very beginning. As a home is being constructed, it is quite normal for some materials to fall prey to incidental damages. Anything more significant than minimal damages could be truly problematic to the function of the pipes and lead to an eventual leak in your home.

Without proper insulation around your pipes, you are risking future damage. A pipe without insulation can swell and grind against other pipes, abrading and damaging both pipes. Lack of knowledge concerning how your house was built, however, may make it hard to predict when a slab leak might happen in the future. When a leak occurs, you must check into these factors and deal with them promptly to avoid recurring problems.

Unfortunately, the leaking of slabs can last for a very long time before it is actually noticed. It is not normal for homeowners to even check the foundation, until a problem may be noticed. The longer the leakage has been going on, the more problems occur. It’s even more important to regularly check on the status of your foundation and piping if your home is in an area that’s prone to shifting ground.

Improper pipe installation is difficult to detect until a problem arises. But it is highly important that you have this problem immediately fixed by a professional.

Mold issues, termite infestations, foundation erosion can all be caused by an ignored slab leak, and extensive repairs to the home would be necessary in order to keep it livable. A technician who specializes in slab repairs can investigate the leak’s source and determine a plan of action for repairing it. Slab fix can rapidly heighten in cost contingent on different components.

A homeowner will be aided by a professional, who can go through the different options in terms of solutions and costs when it comes to repairing a slab leak. The professional may need to do the following.

Jackhammer the slab

A professional might have to break through the slab in order to inspect the slab properly. When the plumber does this he can find out about the source of the leak in the slab. This is also seen as the least expensive way of repairing a slab leak.

Reroute water lines

A professional might suggest rerouting water lines that already exist rather than replacing pipes, as this might be less costly if the leak source is located under expensive floors or fixtures. The unused pipe can be left in the wall or the floor, but water will no longer flow through them once the reroute is done.

Your homeowner’s policy may cover the cost of digging up a leaking pipe and repairing the damage done to your home’s foundation by a slab leak, but the cost of replacing the pipe may have to come out of your pocket. The insurer won’t probably cover the water damage because of the slab leak when it has not been repaired. Therefore, it’s crucial to call a professional as soon as you notice any type of leaking in your system, so a simple repair doesn’t spread and cause extensive damage.