Water Heater Leaks

18 Dec. 19

What Causes Water Heater Leaks?

A water heater is a comfort for any family to continue their daily lives smoothly. When the water heaters are running efficiently, no one keeps attention on them. But what if the water heater starts giving issues, like water leakage? That’s the time when people turn towards water heater repair. Homeowners can keep a check on the water heater, and its system frequently to see if everything is working properly. There are always some issues that lead the water heaters to leak. In this article, we will explain some of those issues.

Rust in the Tank

Most of the water heaters are made of iron, and iron tends to rust over time. Every water heater tank has a safeguarding element called the anode rod. The anode rod is made up of zinc, aluminium, or magnesium, and it attracts all the rust towards it. After a year, the anode rod starts to wear down. Then the rust will start building on your tank walls, which would eventually lead to water leakage. If you see the colour of the water changed to brown or some dust particles in the water, then check with the anode rod. You would have to call for water heater repair and replace the rod.

Sediment Buildups

Most of the Canadian homes have hard water running through their water heater. There are many small amounts of minerals floating in the hard water. These minerals can slowly start to settle at the bottom of your tank, and they would build up a layer cutting off the water access to the burner. This is when the heater will take more time to heat the water, and the tank will start deteriorating due to overheating. And the deterioration can lead to a leakage in the tank or worse, burst of the tank. You can avoid this by flushing your tank and draining out the sediment once a year.

Too Much Air Pressure

When the tank builds up too much pressure inside, it can eventually lead to leakage. The excess air pressure buildup in the tank would make the water to leak out forcefully so that the pressure reduces. The reason behind the air pressure being so high is that people set the temperature of the water heater too high. Other reasons for the high pressure is if the exterior water supply to the house comes in high pressure or a defective temperature pressure relief valve can also lead to high pressure. Always keep an eye on the temperature and pressure relief valve.

Always take care of your water heater tank to keep it running efficiently. A defective water heater can cause you a lot of problems. For any water heater repair, you can contact us. Our skilled workers will provide you with the best services.